Healthcare Trends

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NURS 476 Nursing in an Evolving Healthcare System
Section 4 Paper: Healthcare Trends
(100 points)
The purpose of this paper is as follows:
To synthesize how content learned throughout the section influences nursing in an evolving healthcare system.
2. To analyze progress towards meeting course objectives.
3. To demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively through writing.
Section 4 looks at selected issues/trends that have a meso and macro perspective. Topics include: Human Trafficking, the Opioid Epidemic, Mental Health/Mental Illness Awareness, Expanding Entrepreneurship Opportunities, Measuring Patient Satisfaction and Experience, the Media Influence on Healthcare, and Reaching Our Rural Communities.
The following should be communicated within the paper:
1. Explore how socio-cultural, economic, legal, and political factors influence three of the healthcare trends discussed in Section 4 and therefore, influence healthcare delivery and nursing practice.
2. Identify one healthcare trend that was not discussed in this section. Evaluate the impact social policies, financial structures and/or regulatory agencies have on the chosen healthcare trend, paying specific attention to any vulnerable populations that may be affected.
Sources: Include at least six resources in your paper. Three resources should be from section 4 content (lecture, assigned readings, guest speakers, etc.) and three resources not included in class content should be utilized.
The paper should be 4-5 pages in length and follow APA guidelines including: Double spacing, 12 point Times New Roman or Ariel font, 1” margins, title page with title of paper and author, correct APA in-text citations and APA reference page.
Dakota Nurse Connection. Human trafficking: The basics of what nurses need to know. Winter2020; 18(1): 24-28. AN: 141846466 (CINAHL)
Dangor, C (2019, July 7). “Mental Health Parity” is still an elusive goal in US insurance coverage. Available:
Gillon, J & Muller, L (2017). Eradicating the overuse of opioids on the front line. Professional Case Management (22), 81-85. doi: 10.3390/healthcare9010084

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