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by | Jul 5, 2022 | Computer Science

Read carefully and please answer the below question.
Risk Assessment:
Imagine you have been put in charge of a team to develop the network
system for a small business of 30 employers at two different sites in two towns
about 100 miles apart from each other.
The network system needs to handle the company’s website, email,
payroll/personnel, and customer data.
Describe how you would factor in “Risk Management” and Quality
Assurance” into your IT Project Management Plan?
GUIDANCE: What would you do before the
project, during the project, and at the end of the project to address these
areas? How do you factor in the various computers and
levels of security? How will components of the
system be located and networked? How will you be sure the components work together and do
what they are supposed to do? What role does a risk register
play? What role does a Monte Carlo
Simulation play? What will you do to minimize
component failure?

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