Short Essay Questions

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Political Science

(Please always draw on the
appropriate theories and concepts when answering the questions.
Please use historical examples/illustrations when possible.)
How did the spread of the Black Death facilitate the decline of
feudalism in particular regions of Western Europe? And how might
a Marxist IPE approach explain the plague’s impact?
Explain the significance of colonial India to British economic
development and discuss whether Britain’s colonization of India
supports or contradicts liberal IPE theories.
What factors explain the European industrial take-off in the
nineteenth century? Compare and contrast two IPE theories in
answering the question.
How did industrialization relate to military power and geopolitical
competition over the ‘Long Nineteenth Century’ (1789-1914)? And
what IPE theory best explains this relation?
What is ‘globalization’ and how might it relate to the causes of the
two World Wars?
Explain the core features of the Bretton Woods regime and the
reasons why it collapsed.

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