compare and contrast

by | Jul 6, 2022 | English

Choose one of the essays choices below and respond in at least 1500 words. 1. What message is Morrison sending her reader about survival in “The Bluest Eye”? 2. How is racism and or colorism, as demonstrated by Morrison, a part of The African American experience in “The Bluest Eye”? 3. How is parental abandonment demonstrated as a vicious cycle in “The Bluest Eye”? 4. How is the idea of victimization displayed in “The Bluest Eye”? 5. Discuss the consuming force of hatred in “The Bluest Eye? 6. how is the idea of insanity presented in “The Bluest Eye”? 7. How is conformity and or non-conformity demonstrated in “The Bluest Eye”? 8. Is there a pattern of abuse of children, both sexual and non-sexual, in this novel, or are there merely some isolated incidents of child abuse and molestation? How is the concept of beauty presented as a social construction in “The Bluest Eye”? (Due, April 29).

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