Leading Discussion on “1001 Nights”

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Ancient Literature

Guidelines for Leading Class Discussion
The topic is on “The Thousand and One Nights”
Select three separate passages from several lines to a paragraph each from the reading for the class session that you have chosen. Close read, analyze, and compose a metatext for each of those passages. Remember this assignment has three parts: analysis, metatext, and questions. A metatext is just as important as the other two parts and can be very revealing. It explains why we gravitate to certain lines over others, perhaps because we identify with them, find them thought-provoking, disturbing, or odious… Figure out what attracted you to your chosen excerpts. You will not receive credit for summarizing the text, noting biographical details about the writer, or taking an interpretation from an online or other source. Hand in a one to three page, double-spaced typed document that includes each of the three passages (type them out), why you were drawn to each one, your analysis of each passage, and three discussion questions.

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