Personality Assessment Project

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Psychology

In this assignment you have a chance to discover some things about your own personality.
You will complete several personality tests. Each test is relatively short and should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will complete five required tests and as many of
the optional test as you would like to complete. Below you will find an extremely thorough
outline for the paper, please follow it carefully. (tests are done. Will include test resulst.)
Write a short paper a minimum 5 FULL pages in length discussing:
2.1. Introduction
2.1.1. Discuss your experience taking these tests. How long did it take you to complete the tests? What were your impressions of the tests while you were taking them?
test Jungian Type Sorter :
3.1. What is your Jungian Type?
3.2. What is your four letter Jungian type?
3.3. Your scores can best be interpreted at the Typelogic web site Please click on the link with
your type from the following table:
3.4. Do you think this score accurately represents your personality characteristics?
3.5. Who are some of the famous individuals (real and fictional) that have the same personality
type as yours?
4.1. Discuss the results of each test in a separate paragraph.
4.2. In each of these paragraphs discuss the following:
4.2.1. Your scale scores for each test.
4.2.2. Your interpretation of the scale scores
4.2.3. do you think the scale scores reflect your personality
4.2.4. How do these results reflect what you have learned about personality in this
Interpretation / Conclusions
5.1. As a group, how accurately do the scores from each test reflect your
5.2. Show your results to at least one other person. Do they believe that these results
accurately portray your characteristics?
5.3. How would you improve the delivery, administration, or interpretative material provided
for each test?
5.4. How do these results reflect what you have learned about personality in this class?
5.5. Any other information you deem relevant.

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