PRELIMINARY GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING REPORT (PGAR)-Guadalupe Parkway in SAN JOSE-Long essay(an average of 15pages or more, Outline is given) Read the description first and bet so Consider raising price $$$ after reading the description

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Engineering

The essay with References and APPENDIX and Cover Paper can be in complete package of 15-20 pages or less. It is a case study so You have to read the outline and answer all of the questions with your research. It is not a matter of nummber of words or pages required. It is about answering all of the questions from the outline.
An engineering case study EXAMPLE from a completly different place is listed but this PAPER doesn’t necessarily have to look like that at all. This example can be reviewed as a guideline as to what expect in each outline from the description.
Open the “PGAR Scope 101 at Guadalupe Parkway.pdf ” file or all of the description
We can work on the price of this assingment
Multiple soources required and must be in Chicago format.
Please read the RUBRIC
No due date extension
We can work over the BET PRICE and I need a unplagiarized paper.
Thank you so much

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