Comparative Article Analysis

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Canadian Studies

Formulate a critical analysis of the two articles attached. Identify and compare their main arguments, the sources they use, and the major themes they develop to support their argument.
Rubric is as follows:
introduces the topic and articles
clearly and concisely
thesis statement articulates your
main argument & the major themes you will be focusing on in the body of the
thesis statement is underlined
clear conclusion
Engages with both articles evenly
Essay is more analytic than
Attempts to engage wit the themes
rather than writing about one article and then the other
Makes links and connections between
the two articles
Uses relevant quotes or paraphrases
proper grammar and syntax
written in past tense & not in
the first person
full sentences & proper
quotes are integrated into sentences
clear, concise writing
paragraphs begin with analytic topic
essay is between 1,250 & 1,500
footnotes or endnotes using the Chicago Manual of Style (notes and bibliography) format
proper bibliographic format also
based on the Chicago Manual of Style

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