Working Thesis The working thesis for the final paper is based on the literatur

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Working Thesis
The working thesis for
the final paper is based on the literature you’ve read and the research you’ve
done for the final paper. Students who want to be successful will have these
assignments finished well before the deadline. You cannot determine your thesis
without having read your research in advance. Do not worry if your thesis is
perfect; this assignment is meant to help you with the construction of your
thesis, so my feedback will help you. I will also go over this in class.
Final Paper
The final paper is based on literature that
we’ve read in the class. It should be 3-5 pages in MLA format, including a
Works Cited page. In it, you should discuss one longer work of literature or
several shorter works of literature, and you should have at least one
researched article per work of literature you are discussing. Researched
articles include articles that discuss the literature or interviews with the
authors of the literature. I urge all students to use ideas discussed in their
responses for their final papers (that makes this much easier for you because
you’ve already done the writing).
In the first text, consider how the hybrid text changes in different places. Also, think about your own ways of speaking and not speaking. What does she teach us about our own hybridity, when it comes to all the ways we speak? How does she teach us about how we silence ourselves and others?
In the second text, explore what she means by “borderland.” Does she only mean the Texas-Mexico border? What else might she mean? What is a borderland for you?
Your paper will explore the questions that you’ve been exploring in your responses: What do these Latinx authors do? What do scholars/reviewers say what they do? What do you think is important about their work?
To Live in the Borderlands
To live in the borderlands means you
are neither hispana india negra espanola
ni gabacha, eres mestiza, mulata, half-breed
caught in the crossfire between camps
while carrying all five races on your back
not knowing which side to turn to, run from;
To live in the Borderlands means knowing that the india in you, betrayed for 500 years,
is no longer speaking to you,
the mexicanas call you rajetas, that denying the Anglo inside you
is as bad as having denied the Indian or Black;
Cuando vives en la frontera
people walk through you, the wind steals your voice,
you’re a burra, buey, scapegoat,
forerunner of a new race,
half and half-both woman and man, neither-a new gender;
To live in the Borderlands means to
put chile in the borscht,
eat whole wheat tortillas,
speak Tex-Mex with a Brooklyn accent;
be stopped by la migra at the border checkpoints;
Living in the Borderlands means you fight hard to
resist the gold elixir beckoning from the bottle,
the pull of the gun barrel,
the rope crushing the hollow of your throat;
In the Borderlands
you are the battleground
where enemies are kin to each other;
you are at home, a stranger,
the border disputes have been settled
the volley of shots have scattered the truce
you are wounded, lost in action
dead, fighting back;
To live in the Borderlands means
the mill with the razor white teeth wants to shred off
your olive-red skin, crush out the kernel, your heart
pound you pinch you roll you out
smelling like white bread but dead;
To survive the Borderlands
you must live sin fronteras
be a crossroads.

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