Novel : And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christies Note: There are several

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Novel : And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christies Note: There are several movies about this novel; however, they are not accurate and do not always reflect the content of the novel. There is an eBook, and you can download it from HCC Library as demonstrated in class.
No more than 30 % Turn It in. No references except scholarly ones. No Wikipedia, Cliffs Notes, etc.
Title: The theme of Revenge and Sin in And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie.
Style: MLA Format with both intext citations and a matching Works Cited Page
References: Three critical references excluding the book and biographical references to the author.
All papers should be titled and the organization and body of your
paper should always reflect the title. Do not title your paper And Then There Were None. . Be specific. Hint: First define temptation in several ways.
The introduction should have an underlined thesis statement which clearly states what your paper is about. ALWAYS WRITE ABOUT THE BOOK, story, or poem IN THE PRESENT TENSE. EX: In the novel, the character plays a harp while he witnesses the murder of his wife. Get approval of your thesis from the instructor before you attempt to write the paper.
This is a character novel. Choose five characters to concentrate on.
The introduction should give information on the characters you will discuss. This is the time to give the historical background of the novel and the chosen characters. In other words, set the scene subjects which your paper will specifically talk about in subsequent paragraphs.
The second part should give biographical information on the author and demonstrate his connection with the themes in the novel.
You need in text correct citations. This part should give general facts about the author and his works, the times he wrote about the historical background of the work, etc. Example: The plan and outline of The Canterbury Tales. The facts about the author’s life (biographical material) and historical material concerning the times in which the author wrote should only take two to four paragraphs. This information must be documented with in text citations. See MLA for proper format.
The next part of the paper should give information on setting, conflict, and themes found in each work.
The next part should give a short one paragraph description of the plot. (SHORT)
The longest part of the term paper should analyze the literary topic assigned with attention to one of the following.
* Character(s) and character development and the author’s purpose, for choosing the characters. Example: what are the primary characteristics and attitudes of the characters in the novel as well as their physical characteristics, goals, and motivations. . This is the place for historical and psychological background of the times and the characters.
This should take at least three to five well developed paragraphs with examples and (short quotations) from each character. (You can give each character a paragraph). Please give a significant short quote from the story which is demonstrates that character’s personality.
You will need opinions of expert critics (Three) which should be documented with in text references. You need Intext references along your own analyses and criticisms. Explain if you feel the book was professionally written and achieved its purpose, or do you think, it could have been better written and presented.
Your paper must have a conclusion in which you come to a decision about the significance of what you have learned as a result of your analysis. and/or the e significance of the author’s purpose for authoring the novel, short story, etc. and/or the development of a certain character, theme, chosen.
All paragraphs and summary information, including dates and biographical facts should be documented with in text citations and a works cited page. You need three (3) references along with the book itself. This makes four references.
AVOID PLAGIARISM AT ALL COSTS. PLAGIARISM WILL CAUSE A FAILING GRADE ON YOUR PAPER. If you see that your paper has more than 30 percent on “Turn It In,” go back and revise.
paper is complete without notes and a Works Cited page. Consult the MLA Purdue Owl Website for the correct form. In this case you will need to use the annotated bibliography that you have heretofore prepared. You will need to use at least three of these entries plus the book itself in the Works Cited Page. Each entry should be annotated
The body of the paper should be approximately three to five typewritten pages at a minimum and no more than four or five at a maximum. Quantity does not denote quality. Proofread your papers for grammatical errors. This is excluding the Works Cited page.
Do not copy various paragraphs from diverse sources and turn them in as a term paper. Follow the directions in order. This is plagiarism and will result in a paper that is disorganized and illogical. Your paper should reflect your own style of writing, your opinions, and your critical analysis. Your own thoughts are important and valid. Remember there is a plethora of material on this novel, and several movies which are not accurate.
Use transition and topic sentences to go from one section to another. Use Purdue Owl, MLA for a guide.
The notes and works cited must match. You should not have books and articles listed in your works cited hat do not match the notes found in the body of your paper. This is especially important, and failure to follow this directive could result in failure or a lowered grade.
13 You will need in text citations as well as a works Cited page.
. Be sure to use this checklist before turning in your paper to determine
whether you have completed your assignment. Ask questions when in

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