Argumentative Research Essay Assignment: This essay must be written in the

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Argumentative Research Essay Assignment:
This essay must be written in the argumentative mode, and you will incorporate research into it. The primary purpose of this argumentative essay is to convince readers to think the way you do about a subject. To accomplish this goal, you must establish a reasonable and thoughtful argument supporting a position on an issue.
Your essay should have the following parts:
Title page in APA format
In-Text Citations
Introduction which includes your thesis statement
Body paragraphs that state your reasons with supporting evidence
Refutation – acknowledge the opposing view, but explain why your position is the correct one
Reference page with a list of sources used in the essay.
You are allowed to select your own topic for this assignment. If you would like topic suggestions please ask. I will be glad to be of assistance.
You must have at least 5 reliable and appropriate authoritative sources in a variety of formats published within the last 5 years. Avoid the use of Wikipedia in academic research.
Support your position with evidence. The following are different ways to support your argument:
Facts – a powerful means of convincing
Statistics – Be sure your statistics come from responsible sources. Always cite your sources.
Quotations – Direct quotations from leading experts effectively support your position.
Examples – Examples enhance your meaning and make your ideas concrete. They are the proof that backs up your point.
Formatting Guidelines:
Double Spaced, 1” margins, Times New Roman font in 12-point size, and formatted according to APA guidelines
Use APA format for Title page and page numbers
Use APA format for In-text citations and References page
This assignment should be 8 pages not including Title page and References page
Avoid the use of 1st and 2nd person. Must be written in 3rd person point of view
This assignment should be an original creation for this course session and not a reworking of any previous essay submission from any prior course experience.
The assignment should also include a large amount of the student’s own ideas and words rather than merely a linking together of a series of quotes or paraphrases.

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