Pre-Writing For Reflective Essay: In order to prepare for the reflective essay,

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Pre-Writing For Reflective Essay:
In order to prepare for the reflective essay, look back at your assignments, readings, and essays and think about the class activities and group work we have done. This will help you get a broad picture of this semester and your progress. Thinking about and/or jotting down notes on the following questions will help you prepare for the essay exam.
What are your writing strengths?
What areas do you still need work on in the future?
What were your goals for this course? Did you achieve them?
What was the most useful thing you learned or participated in this semester?
What types of revision did you make to your major essays?
What did you learn from writing and revising these essays?
How has your writing process changed?
What did you learn from the readings, assignments, writing workshops, grammar work, and class/group activities?
Any other reflections on your experience of taking this course you want to include. Focus on your coursework, not on your feelings about the course. Think about other work you have done for this course—homework, class discussion, workshops, etc.
Essay Prompt for the Reflective Essay:
Based on your experience this semester, write a brief essay in which you assess your performance and progress this semester in this course. (Do not just answer the questions above.)
Your Reflective Essay should focus on your writing abilities, related skills, and any progress you have made in this course. In this essay, you should refer to specific elements of your work (3 major essays, readings, assignments, projects, writing workshops, and group/class discussions, etc.) this semester to support the thesis in your reflective essay. Your essay could have a positive or negative emphasis depending on your experiences, but it needs to be focused on you and your work in this class.
Your essay should be 1-2 pages, organized into a logical series of paragraphs:
Introduction with a Thesis statement
Body Paragraphs (2+)
The essay should not be one long, rambling paragraph
There should be a minimum of mechanical and sentence-level errors.
Do not mention final course grades within this essay.

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